10 Ways to Elevate Your Teen’s Mood Video


Many parents find the behavior of their teenager a challenge.

The behavior of teenagers can be bewildering, stressful, painful, and often disturbing. But in most cases, it doesn’t mean there is anything more serious going on than the natural process of adulthood.

Many of the common behavioral problems that parents find difficult are essential in puberty and growing up.

Hormone spikes, combined with body changes, difficulty finding an identity, pressure from friends, and a developing sense of independence, mean that teens are a confusing time for your child.

It can mean that they, for example:

  • Become distant
  • Want more time alone or with friends
  • Feel misunderstood
  • Reject your attempts to talk or show affection
  • Seem grumpy and moody
Please watch our 3.3 minute video “10 ways to elavate your (teen’s) mood.
Mood swings
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