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The 5 most addicting games in the world

At OYP, we see the same names pop up again and again when people talk about the most exciting games. There is a list of 5 games that create more problems for gamers than anything else.


Addicting games are many times a discussion between child and parent, and yes some video games are more exciting than others. I couldn’t see a teenager spending more than a few hours on some kind of solitaire, but if you put a teenager in front of the Dark Souls, it’s a disaster that awaits its time.

At OYP, we see the same names pop up again and again when people talk about the most exciting (addicting) games. There is a list of 5 games that create more problems for gamers than anything else..

Modern video games are not old games. They are no longer designed just to provide a few hours of entertainment. Gaming companies know exactly how to keep children on the hook.

They understand how often you are rewarded, how to adapt your game to specific people and how to get as much money out of your players as possible.

Today’s video games are literally designed to be addictive enough.

They meet many of our basic human needs, such as social connections, flight, growth and challenges. Nothing in the world achieves this more effectively than games.

In our list, we also show you what your needs are. This list should help anyone who wants to be less dependent on games to help them overcome their problems.



Type of game: social, challenge, competition, free

Moving from the unknown to the world sensation during the year, this game takes first place in our list. Children are so addicted to Fortnite that it causes panic in a generation of parents who have no idea how to deal with it.

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People lose thousands of dollars to forgetful children, and kids piss themselves to keep playing, and throw hysterics if they can’t play the beloved Fortnite.

With more than 250 million players worldwide, a monthly revenue of $200 million and a booming e-Sports scene, it’s safe to say this game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Although there are signs that fewer people are playing the infamous Battle of the Royale. Perhaps the future without Fortnit is not as far as we think?

League of Legends

Game type: social, challenge, growth, competition, free

League of Legends players can move from love to the desire to emigrate to a remote island in the blink of an eye, just to escape its toxic community and endlessly fascinating gameplay.

So OYP has found a guide to getting out of the League of Legends. We at OYP have a lot of people who have decided to continue playing games but see their quality of life improve by a factor of 10 just by cutting it out.

But what makes League of Legends so exciting?

After seeing countless people talking about it, we think we’ve finally come to a pretty good answer to that question.

When you start playing the game, you’re terrible. The thought of the last punch and banditry hasn’t even come up to your radar yet. But as you slowly learn mechanics and get to know every champion, something starts to change.

Gradually, after hours of training, you start to have fun. Maybe you landed on the playground, winning the skill, or you successfully defended your base from a 5-man push and earned a pentacle.

Whatever it is, you start to see you grow. Within a few months, your skill level has improved significantly, and you start paving the way for matches with a competitive rating. You can create a team with your friends or join it online. Suddenly, you are no longer socially connected to the game. After 6 months or so you are connected.

This is a deadly combination that has turned League of Legends into the most popular game in the whole world. The only reason it is not at the top of our list is because Fortnite has taken over a generation of children in 1 year, which, although worrying, makes a lasting impression.

Despite this, it cannot be denied that the game is incredibly toxic. It is terrible for your mental health, and we firmly believe that if you are not able to limit the time you spend in it, then you should not play it at all.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Type of game: social, challenge, growth, exciting

When PUBG got released back in 2017, it took the world by storm. It quickly became the most popular game of all time while it was still in beta, and still sees enormous numbers of people logging in to play every day.

However, only with the release of PUBG Mobile brand rose to new heights.

PUBG is one of the most popular games in Asia, the popular application brings almost 5 million dollars a day. This figure is only growing.

When you launch PUBG, it is hard to understand why this game is so exciting. The management is clumsy, the graphics are fine and it costs more than any other game on the list.

But like League of Legends, the game starts to shine as you get better and play with your friends.

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The game comes with its fair share of adrenaline filled, heartbeat moments. Hear your enemies’ footsteps as they scout your building. Or you approach the final encounter, 2vs2 on the field, when the playground begins to close around you. You finish the game and feel physically exhausted. You may even be sweating.

Don’t hesitate, you and your friends are right back in the game.

That’s really what you have to experience to fully understand.

It’s a crazy addiction. The social aspect, combined with competition and growth, brings together a game that sometimes cannot be omitted.

Addiction to PUBG is a very real thing, especially in Asia. We hear stories every week about how people lose their lives and it has become so bad that many countries have decided to ban PUBG.

There is no doubt that this deserves a place on our list of most addictive games.

World of Warcraft

Type of game: social, escapism, immersive, growth

We believe that none of the games on our list have had the same impact on the gameplay as World of Warcraft. The only reason it hasn’t risen above is because it no longer attracts as many players as it did in its prime. Although with the recent release of the WoW classics, they saw a massive surge of returning gamers.

World of Warcraft gave a whole new experience when it appeared on stage in 2004. It achieved levels of immersion, social bonding and constant growth never before possible. It really defined the MMO genre.

Even today, in 2019, WoW is used as a benchmark for comparing new MMOs.

With more than 12 million regular players in its prime and despite the fact that many millions have returned, World of Warcraft still remains one of the most popular online games today.



Type of game: social, immersive, growth, creativity, accessible

Also an industry-changing video game is Minecraft. Minecraft can be responsible for a new generation of engineers and architects on its own.

This game has allowed tens of millions of people to unlock their creativity and explore the limits of their imagination on an unprecedented scale.

The game has experienced a number of peaks and troughs in popularity. With YouTubers such as Sky and BlueXephos, which became known worldwide early in the game’s release, 10 years later the game is now reaching new heights with people like PewDiePie creating a new wave of Minecraft fans.

Currently, it is the best-selling game of all time with more than 175 million copies sold. One of the reasons for this is the accessibility of the game and its appeal to both younger and older audiences. The game can be as simple or as complex as you like, and it’s incredibly easy to get started.

That does not mean that it escapes the label of addiction for so many players around the world. The combination of social connection, immersion and the ability to attract the attention of young people so quickly, makes it a breeding ground for addiction.

Young people are particularly vulnerable to the overly stimulating nature of video games. When you realise that the game is used in the classroom, this care becomes increasingly valuable. I think gaming can have a place in education and it just has to be done safely and responsibly.