Teen Sex Trafficking

Most people think sex trafficking is something
that happens in other countries. Movies and
documentaries show scenes of foreigners or tourists
being sold in faraway countries.
A lot of people don’t know that human trafficking is a
real and growing problem all over the United States,
including here in your community.
Sex trafficking is a hard issue for most of us to grasp
– partly because it’s so disturbing —and because it
forces us to address some uncomfortable issues.
Teens can be commercially sexually exploited
through prostitution, pornography, stripping, erotic
entertainment or other sex acts.
The commercial aspect – an exchange of money
or something of value – is critical to
separate the crime of trafficking from
sexual assault, dating violence or rape.
Sex trafficking of minors is a severe
form of child abuse, and victims
endure significant trauma through
repeated rape and physical violence.

The best way to handle this crisis
is to equip students and teachers
with the right knowledge about the
issue, so they can prevent it from
ever happening or get help when its

Please download for free this awareness training brochure for Parents.

See also https://www.sextraffickinghelp.com/


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