Teens and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are more and more common amongst teens in this pandemic era and online school.


Just a few (25) things that parents of teens lie awake

An parent article I wrote imagining that there was no pandemic. It’s Saturday night, your teens are not home, and you are in bed. As the night progresses, you worry more and more—about the school, about their friends, and especially about whether they’ll get home safely.

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Social Media and Your Teens Mental Health in 2021

Article regarding using social media can cause anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. How can you change your teens habits?

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What impact does social media use have on teens? 5 tips for responsible use.

Social media are a big part of the lives of many teenagers. But what impact does the use of social media have on teenagers?

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7 ways to treat anxiety

What should a person do in today’s world if they have a variety of ways to cure an anxiety disorder? Check out our 7 ways to treat anxiety blog for all the information you’ll need

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5 tips to help with anxiety

We all think we can relax. However, relaxing in front of a TV or computer is not really relaxing. In this blog 5 simple tips to help with anxiety

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Worried about Anxiety and your kid? Here are 11 symptoms of anxiety

An anxiety disorder is a condition in which the human body abnormally responds to stress. During the Covid-19 pandemic, additional stressors were affecting the lives of millions of Americans. We will list some of them, but there are many more.