Safety at home

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting the world under enormous strain, affecting the lives of everyone. The unprecedented measures adopted to flatten the infection curve include enforced quarantine, curfews and lockdowns, travel restrictions, and limitations on economic activities and public life. While at first sight, these enforcement measures and increased police presence at the borders and on the streets seem to dissuade crime, they may also drive it further underground. In trafficking in persons, criminals are adjusting their business models to the ‘new normal’ created by the pandemic, primarily through the abuse
of modern communications technologies.

Children are at heightened risk of exploitation, especially since school closures have not only precluded many from access to education but also from a main source of shelter and nourishment.

Since their schools are closed, many children are increasingly online for learning and socializing. This may make them more vulnerable to online sexual predators. Child rights groups, law enforcement officials and international organizations report of greater demand for online sexual abuse material and risks of online grooming.


In our search for high-quality information, we found a splendid resource regarding safety at home. With unprecedented numbers of children being online during the coronavirus situation, Fierce Freedom is excited to bring you a series of videos that will help you to discuss online gaming, app usage, and exploitation with your children in a way that will help you as a parent to protect them. The entire Online Safety at Home series can be found at fiercefreedom.org

As worried parent, you can also join the OnlineYouthProtection Programm. 

Check our Blueprint

How Every Busy Parent Struggling With The Balance Between Work And Being A Good Parent Can Be Confident That Your Teen Is Happy And Online Safe (Without Making It An AWKWARD And UNCOMFY Experience For Your Teen!)


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