15 reasons why adolescent boys explode

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why adolescent boys explode(and you don’t always see it coming)

What happened to that cheerful, cozy, playful uncomplicated child? This adolescent transformed into a hormone monster hits with doors and growls, and if you don’t look out, you get something to your head. Adolescent boys don’t control themselves. These are moments when adolescent sons can go completely out of control.

#1 If you’ve washed his favorite shirt, which he’s been wearing for four days.

#2 You joke about his sweaty feet, grazing (and the empty snack boxes in his room), and excessive bread consumption.

#3 You pointed out the toothpaste stain on his sweater before going to school and summoned him to wear something else.

#4 If, when leaving for school, things go a bit different from usual because he always plans his morning ritual so that he’s on the second on time.

#5 That’s not going to school because:

  • He can’t find his coat;
  • Lost his math book;
  • he thinks you made lunch for him.
  • He thinks it’s ridiculous that you don’t want to write a note for that reason.

#6 He’s looking for his calculator in the massive pile of clothes on the ground.

#7 When someone other than him has played on the Playstation, and the controllers are not where he left them.

#8 Actually, all the jokes you make. Only his jokes (and those of his friends, and some moronic YouTubers) are fun.

#9 There’s WiFi failure.

#10 You don’t like it when he’s watching an 18+ movie with a lot of murder and manslaughter.

#11 His phone is gone and really gone because he left it in the away game’s locker room. You don’t jump up to get his phone by car.

#12 His sister teases him about a girl he’s supposed to be in love with, which he’s not in love with at all, but the mere idea that there’s a possibility that we know he’s in love with someone.

#13 His little brother points at his barely visible whiskers and laughs at him. He doesn’t think it’s fair that you don’t say anything about that. Worse, you never say anything when he says something, but you always do to him when he says something to his little brother.

#14 Because his little brother is always very irritating, and he never.

#15 He loses to his father in a game of tennis, or chess, or Fifa. Even worse: losing to his sister during a game of Rummikub.

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