You may not have known it yet, but you are so a superhero.

You may not have known it yet, but you are such a superhero. All Teen mothers are superheroes because you can do things that no one else can. Things that may seem simple but are just rocket science.

14 reasons why teen mothers have superhuman powers

All teen mothers are actually superheroes. Because they can do things that no one else can. Things that may seem simple, but are actually just rocket science. Like:

Replacing the toilet roll

Because just the issue: paper on the wall side or not, is enough to make the brain of a normal person (read: husband and kids) go wild. And then you haven’t even started to get that tube out of the holder. That requires spatial awareness, you just don’t want to know. (see also our training article >)

Hanging coats on the coat rack

Finally, to do that, you have to be able to multitask tremendously when you enter the room: you have to wipe your feet, put down your bag, take off your coat and shoes, and then also be able to figure out that you need to take them to the designated place. Wow, brain freeze!

Throwing away candy wrappers

It makes perfect sense that most people can’t deposit those in the trash, because once you unwrap your candy, your brain only gets the signal that that candy needs to be eaten immediately, and there’s no room for other inferences. So what do you do? Right, you just drop the piece of paper on the spot. Logical right?

Throwing away whatever

Of course, it’s also very difficult to see the junk that’s lying right in front of you, for example on the counter, or next to you on the table, and then to think that maybe it would be handy to throw it away. Fortunately, moms have radar vision.

Seeing that the garbage can is full

Because trash is so invisible to all family members except mom. Therefore, the garbage can is emptied by no one but mom, which leads to problems if mom is unexpectedly not around when the garbage can is full. This basically means that mom can never leave, because otherwise when she gets home there will be a rat problem and she will have to call the city cleaning department.

Hanging up the kitchen towel

This is almost impossible, because of the small loop, or one of those awkward pinch things where you have to squeeze the towel back in. It is therefore important to dry your hands very carefully so that the towel never falls, which again requires a special kind of finesse and is therefore almost impossible. So you leave the towel on the floor after drying most of the time. After all, Mom does hang it up.

Spitting toothpaste in the sink

And not splashing on the mirror. For that, you need to be able to aim and that is just not easy. Something with a sense of direction and such, tricky.

Throwing clothes into the laundry basket

Again: aiming is not easy, so it’s not surprising that dirty underpants regularly end up next to the laundry basket. It’s more of a miracle if you hit the target. And you can be extensively applauded for that.

Putting the dishes in the dishwasher

You must be able to consider that dirty dishes do not clean themselves and also do not have legs. Moreover, at that moment you have probably just eaten your fill and your brain automatically goes into saturation sleep mode and you, like most people, can no longer think logically.

Superhero mom

Answering questions

You would think that in the family there are several people who are capable of enlightening another (daddy, for example, we’ll just mention someone), but in practice, it turns out that only mommy has a monopoly on wisdom and therefore has to be available 24/7 for pressing (life) questions, such as why they have to go to school and why they have to get up.

Finding things that are lost

Mothers in fact have a kind of built-in antenna that picks up ultrasonic sound waves of anything other people have lost. Moreover, mothers are telepathically gifted, so they only need to consult their inner eye to locate things.

Finding food in the refrigerator

Even if it’s a 5-pound block of cheese lying at the front on the middle shelf of the refrigerator, only Mom sees it. Other family members have little choice but to stand in front of the open refrigerator and then hope that the desired food item will spontaneously fall into their hands.


Putting caps on things

You need highly developed fine motor skills to do this, otherwise, it is just not doable to put the cap back on a tube of toothpaste or a bottle of shower gel.

Magic away pain and sorrow

Well, we cannot say otherwise: this is really a superpower. Because there is no one who can soothe suffering as well as a mom. Yes, still, even when the teenager is sad.

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