Just a few (25) things that parents of teens lie awake

An parent article I wrote imagining that there was no pandemic. It’s Saturday night, your teens are not home, and you are in bed. As the night progresses, you worry more and more—about the school, about their friends, and especially about whether they’ll get home safely.

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explode boy

15 reasons why adolescent boys explode

What happened to that cheerful, cozy, playful uncomplicated child? This adolescent transformed into a hormone monster hits with doors and growls, and if you don’t look out, you get something to your head. Adolescent boys don’t control themselves.

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Our last post in 2020

The World Outside Is Chaotic And Stressful – How To Find Peace and Joy Within Yourself. our last post of 2020 is a Video with tips of The Importance Of Deliberately Lifting Your Mood During Hard Times

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