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4 tips How to Overcome Stress With Joy

This is an article regarding overcome stress with Joy. Inclusive the free Ebook report Power of Joy

This is an article regarding overcome stress with Joy. Inclusive the free Ebook report Power of JoyPower of Joy cover

Joy tip #1 Stop Obsessing Over Your Problems

The more you complain about your problems, the more likely you are to suffer from conditions like depression and anxiety. Don’t get me wrong it’s healthy to talk to others about your problems, but when you are continuously obsessing on your problems, it doesn’t solve anything.

One thing you can do is to actively seek solutions instead of mulling over problems that could cause you stress. If you have a supportive family or friends that is always a good option to seek their support. What you don’t want to do is constantly worry about your difficulties instead you should actively seek to solve them.

Joy tip #2 Turn Bad Habits into Advantages

A Lot of people run from there problems. When difficult situations occur, they give up and resort to escaping the situation. You may be one of these people. Escaping problems may come in the form of abusing unhealthy foods, gambling, porn, smoking, and drinking. Don’t let stress in your life turn into more problems.

Stress in itself is enough of a problem without adding an addictive behavior on top of that. One strategy to avoid bad habits is to pick healthy alternatives. This may consist of exercising, reading, walking, and gardening. Over time the good habits will drown out the bad. This process will help built new automatic responses to stress instead of the old habits of running from your problems.

Joy tip #3 Clear Your Mind for Clarity

When your mind feels overloaded, you feel anxious, you do not function properly, and your mind and body want to shut down. If your mind is overloaded with negative thoughts this can be more debilitating.

The first step for dealing with negative thoughts is to ask yourself are the thoughts true. If those thoughts are not true or you have just too many thoughts, then try to practice clearing the clutter out of your mind. Then allow thoughts to gradually re-enter your mind. This exercise will help you focus on and reorganize your thoughts.

Once you are more focused start writing down your thoughts. This will also help organize your life and frees up the mind clutter. Thoughts on paper are easier to manage. Life becomes less stressful. Do avoid spending too much time on this task because it too can create stress in the process.

Joy tip #4 Laugh

Having fun and laughing can give you a brief escape from stress. Laughing has great short-term effects. Laughing will lighten your mental stress and it promotes some beneficial physical changes as well.

The act of laughing enhances your oxygen levels by stimulating the heart, lungs, and muscles. Laughing also increases the release of endorphins. These hormones will relieve stress response and soothe tension. Laughing isn’t just a quick fix for the blues.

It has long term positive effects as well. Laughter has been shown to improve immunity, decrease pain, increase personal satisfaction, and improve your mood. Try to see the lighter side of situations. There is usually some comedy in every problem. If you have a friend who makes you laugh include them in your stressful situation.

Laughter always comes easier when you involve friends. Whatever it takes find a way to laugh at your problems even if it is forced. The

more you practice doing it the easier it becomes. Once you are able to laugh at your problems it will completely turn your perspective around. You’ll see the positive in every situation. You will be able to face your problems with a happier approach and maybe just maybe allow some joy to enter into your life.

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