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Many of us seek a life that is fulfilling and happy.

While many people believe happiness can be found in material wealth or possessions, climbing the career ladder, or building a family, most people don't realize joy is an internal process.

As we continue, I'd like you to consider a few questions.

  • Where does joy live?
  • How do you know you're experiencing joy authentically?
  • What makes you open to joy?
  • Do you feel more joyful at different times of the year?
  • Is your joy external or internal?
  • How can you find joy more consistently?

The only way to find unconditional love from others is to first tap into your well of unconditional love. Think about how you apply conditions to your affections. Think about how you operate with others and whether that is behavior that will bring you joy or is something stifling your joy.


The biggest mistake you can make about joy is believing that happiness finds you. I want to correct you on that – happiness and joy are active choices you make. However, your choices can be influenced by your environment, which is why you must surround yourself with the most positive people you know. You choose joy and you choose your influences, too.

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