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How to tell if your kid suffers from anxiety?

Probably you have some thoughts, but are you, right?

Let’s have a quiz today…

Which of these behaviours do you mostly see in your child?

      • Fatigue from late nights
      • Poor school performance
      • Depression
      • Stress
      • Unusually quiet /withdrawn
      • Aggressive behavior
      • Mental health issues
      • Scars or bruises from self-harm (wears long sleeves to cover)
      • Highly secretive
      • Uncontrollable crying
      • Weight loss/Weight gain / Eating disorders
      • Trying to grow up too fast- dress more adult/skimpy clothing in girls
      • Argumentative
      • Change in personality

The list can go on, and it’s quite frightful, isn’t it?

How many of these resonate with what you see in your child?

You know deep down that something is seriously wrong with your kid.

What is even scarier is the fact that in 2019 alone, 55.1% of tweens and 67.1%

of teens engaged in conversations about depression, from mild pessimism to

talking about or planning to attempt suicide!

And that’s not all…..

The sad fact is that suicide is the second-leading cause of death for ages 10-24.

1 in 10 high school girls will attempt suicide.

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