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cyberbullying a huge problem during covid-19?

cyberbullying affects lots of kids especially during covid-19. LGBTQ has been hit even harder than before. for a safe and fun online environment


The time we currently live in has changed a lot this year. Due to Covid-19, the work and learning environments have almost all moved to the comfort of your own house. But this brings with it its unique challenges. The study turns out that the cyberbullying has increased a lot thanks to the online world we now live in.


the facts

Study show a significant increase in cyberbullying due to Covid-19. This often forgotten by most people, but it is a huge problem. The fact that people have to work from home may have helped with face to face bullying but not with cyberbullying.

Many non-profit agencies and victim support lines struggle to keep up with all the reports coming in from people suffering from cyberbullying. People with varying racial backgrounds, LGBTQ, as well as children and young adults suffer the most from the increase of cyberbullying.

In the years before this pandemic, the numbers of cyberbullying victims were already at troublesome levels and due to this pandemic experts expect this number to only increase furthermore

The stats above show the most common threats of cyberbullying, and all of this increased thanks to Covid-19.

All of this causes a lot of mental issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse and maybe even self-harm and suicide.


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The LGBTQ group

LGBTQ youth are more likely to use the Internet to seek help and advice. Respected academic studies have shown that young people who identify as LGBTQ use the web and social media platforms to build social capital and freedom that is often denied at school or home.

Before the coronavirus, this segment of society was already quite active online and at the same time, one of the most vulnerable online communities. If you are the parent of an LGBTQ student or join the LGBTQ community as an adult, you are much more likely to be exposed to cyberbullying. 

Why? Cyberbullies focus their attention and actions on marginalized groups, as these people are much less likely to speak out if they fear being left out.



what does this say?

We can draw some conclusions from these numbers regarding the disturbing statistics that we have drawn from our research. When LGBTQ teens spend more time online and are more likely to be bullied online, these problems can worsen even if everything is okay. LGBTQ teenagers are also more likely to suffer from the emotional trauma resulting from this abuse than their pre-coronavirus heterosexual peers – these numbers will increase dramatically during the pandemic.

Without the usual list of resources, LGBTQ youth need a supportive environment in which they can feel safe. Keep in mind that these anonymous reporting tools are no longer as robust as they were before COVID. We don’t know if and when they will recover, if at all.
For more tips, see VPNMentor’s online LGBTQ community safety guide.

End conclusion

It is safe to say that covid-19 affects people on lots of negative ways and that even you and your kids could indirectly suffer from covid-19. But that does not mean that you have to be scared about the online world. As a matter of fact, you should embrace it. But of course, it is very important to protect your self therefore have we developed an e-book to support you. download here

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