Coronavirus(Covid-19) alarming report: Children ‘developing post-traumatic stress’ from pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) effects on children

In the report “Children in Lockdown”of the “Childhood Trust ” states that the disadvantaged position of children makes them extremely vulnerable.

In addition to concerns about the health of their loved ones, many children face social exclusion and hunger.

Lack of access to the Internet also leaves children from disadvantaged families.

Since many classes are still closed for blocking, children without access to the Internet at home were actually excluded from online education. Teachers warn that this will lead to entrenched inequality between them and their classmates from more affluent families.

Children in this situation are also unable to access the therapy or other health services they need online.

Insufficient contact with teachers and general practitioners who are trained to notice signs of abuse and neglect also leaves children who are abused at home, hidden and in danger.

Download here the report            coronavirus (covid-19) report

A report from the Childhood Trust warns of a mental health crisis among disadvantaged children.

Courtesy of bbc.com


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