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101 Ways to Elevate Your Teens Mood

This article is about mood swings of your teenager and is very normal in this stage of life. Read more about this topic in the free Ebook report “Mood management”.

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cyberbullying a huge problem during covid-19?

cyberbullying affects lots of kids especially during covid-19. LGBTQ has been hit even harder than before. for a safe and fun online environment


5 Factors Which Are Hindering Your Teen From Finding Their True Purpose In Life

This article is about how parents can help with finding their purpose in life. Teens are naturally driven to seek new experiences—and that may be the key to helping them develop a sense of purpose in life.

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A Complete 2020 Guide to Potentially Dangerous Apps All Parents Should Be Aware Of

Apps What is Voxer? If you scratch your head, it’s time to read about trendy new social networks and apps that kids use. Your child’s friendship on Facebook is now just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online security. If you aren’t registered already, please register for free first and grab your […]