COVID-19: How The Health of Children Is at Stake

Children may not be dying in the same number as adults or senior citizens due to COVID-19, but their health is at risk and so are the lives of their parents and grandparents. While children are often more susceptible to certain diseases and have a better ability to bounce back and heal from health issues.

This appears to be the case with COVID-19, but it should not lead to an utter dismissal of their unique health care needs or their special circumstances by politicians.

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CoronaVirus Cyber Attack Panic

Cyber atack panic, caused by spammers using the Coronavirus outbreak to spread malware via emails claiming to be “Offer information on how to defend against the real-world virus”

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Protecting in 2020 your child against porn.

The rise in use of digital pornography, which is readily accessible to anyone at any age, stands out to as a clear and present danger to my family. There are many organizations working diligently to provide tools to help in protecting children from porn.

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