Eye Opening Facts Regarding Media Use Tweens and Teens in 2019 (for the Covid-19)

The purpose of this survey is to present a big-picture look at the large trends and patterns of media usage among young people in the U.S. Obviously there is tremendous diversity in how individual children engage with technology or other media; some are inveterate readers and others online gamers. Some spend their time coding or making digital music, while others are devoted to their social media accounts or to watching the latest YouTube videos.

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Dangers of children in 100% connected world

Cyberbullying and cyber predators rank among the greatest concerns when allowing children to get online. 90% of teens on social media have ignored bullying if they’ve seen it, and one-third have been victims themselves. Children can be mocked in social media exchanges or on games their characters can be attacked

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Gaming addiction status in 2020

81% of under 18s regularly play online games and in moderation, gaming can be fun, sociable and interactive with opportunities for children to learn and solve problems. Most will not experience any harm but there are known impacts of gaming addiction in children you need to be aware of:Financial concerns, education and personal growth,social relationships, mental/physical health

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How parents can recognize if their child is being groomed for sex trafficking

According to an arrest affidavit, a young girl said Alvis Clay Cleveland, 55, sexually assaulted her multiple times.

She was only 14 at the time when she told officers he would text her girl and do favors, like buy her food.

We cannot wait for the next tragedy before tech companies are made to act. It is hugely concerning to see the sharp spike in grooming offences on Instagram, and it is vital that the platform designs basic protection more carefully into the service it offers young people.

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5 Ways Social Media is Hurting Your Kids

Many parents have experienced issues involving their kids and the dangers of social media. Social media will evolve, change stripes and colours, and refine as technology continues its advance, but it definitely won’t be going away. Having grown up without social media can leave parents unaware of the dangers our kids face.

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