6 CRITICAL QUESTIONS as a parent of a young teenager

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6 Tips How to Discuss Internet Safety with Your Teen

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5 Tips on how to protect your kid against Grooming

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4 Important ways to prevent scams in games

cause of covid-19 gaming is getting even more popular among teens with this comes the growing threat of scammers. how do you protect yourself against this?

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Discover 9 easy ways to improve communication with your teen

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Covid-19 cyberbullying Ebook facts tips tools

cyberbullying a huge problem during covid-19?

cyberbullying affects lots of kids especially during covid-19. LGBTQ has been hit even harder than before. for a safe and fun online environment


The 6 best ways to improve self-esteem

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Top 3 most important questions about teen depression

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Shocking facts about the blue whale game

Warning We advise parents and schools to be cautious about the phenomenon, and not to discuss it with your kids if you have the feeling they know nothing about it. The danger of copying is lurking. Nevertheless, be aware of this phenomenon, and if you notice something, take action immediately. Introduction If you have been […]