40 reasons why it’s never the teen’s fault


Teens are late, get a failing grade, don’t finish their work on time, and continuously lose important things like their bikes. And the craziest thing is: it’s never their fault.

If a teen is late:

1. I don’t have a watch.
2. My phone was at the bottom of my bag.
3. I thought we were eating later.
4. I didn’t hear at all what time I had to get home
5. No one knew exactly what time it was.
6. My phone was empty, so I just guessed the time.
7. We had to detour because we were going to take someone else out.
8. We went to buy some food first.
9. I was lost.
10. Everyone was allowed to come home later.

If a teen got a failing grade:

11. The material was not explained well.
12. We were suddenly in a different classroom.
13. There were more than ten assignments.
14. Someone was tapping on the table with a pencil all the time.
15. I was hungry.
16. I had learned chapter 10, but it was supposed to be chapter 9.
17. The teacher didn’t understand it either.
18. I really couldn’t understand the man on the listening test.
19. I thought I was sick.
20. I couldn’t find the classroom.


If they didn’t finish their homework:

21. My phone was dead, so that I couldn’t log into my school account.
22. I thought we had homework-free.
23. I thought I had already done it, but I hadn’t.
24. I made a mistake in the week.
25. I couldn’t understand the teacher very well.
26. Everyone said it had to be finished only tomorrow.
27. I had to walk the dog.
28. You made me clean up my room.
29. I had lost my book.
30. I had lost my head.

If they lost their bicycle:

31. I had put it there, but now it wasn’t there.
32. Someone put it somewhere else.
33. I thought I was walking.
34. At school, nobody pays attention to bicycles.
35. A friend had borrowed it for a while.
36. Everyone grabs each other’s bikes.
37. I just put it on a corner, but that’s not allowed.
38. It’s always a mess in the bike shed.
39. The bike shed was locked.
40. I don’t need a bike anymore anyway.


Translated  Dutch article of WEBsite “tishiergeenhotel”

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