Just a few (25) things that parents of teens lie awake


Does every parent experience this?

It’s Saturday night, your teens are not home, and you are in bed. As the night progresses, you worry more and more—about the school, about their friends, and especially about whether they’ll get home safely.

  1. Bad grades, Two fours, a five, and for the rest, all sixes.
  2. That despite those grades, your teenager spends most of his time watching YouTube videos.
  3. You ponder how you can get your teenager to work.
  4. For example, about a bribe tactic, the mafia could learn from.
  5. You think that the new boy who was at your door the other day is not a good compagnion for your teenager.
  6. That one girl who sat on your couch the other day was very careless. She won’t give her the wrong idea, will she?
  7. You grind about making a super-tight schedule for homework.
  8. As busy parent you figure out how you’re going to maintain that schedule every day.
  9. That means: right out of school -hurry- to work.
  10. You lie there thinking about what you’re going to say when that phone call from the mentor comes.
  11. And about what to say to that email from school about the absences you saw in the system.
  12. You worry about the last time you sniffed the adolescent; then he smelled like smoke.
  13. You suddenly wonder if going on a scooter with the two of you was such a good idea.
  14. In the meantime, it’s deep into the night, and the teen still isn’t home.
  15. Do they have bike lights with them?
  16. You’re not comfortable with your daughter sleeping at that friend’s house.
  17. Maybe she went to a party with alcohol.
  18. You have visions of ambulances
  19. You lie tossing and turning because the teen isn’t home yet and isn’t answering his apps.
  20. You worry: even though you have urged her a hundred times to go cycling with someone, she has probably gone alone.
  21. You think up a route for the search you’re about to do.
  22. Could that girl who spent so much time in your son’s room be on the pill?
  23. Followed by thinking about where the car key is and what you’re going to wear when you get in the car.
  24. By now, you are wide awake and have sat down on the couch and realize that it looks like you have been worrying a lot.
  25. You breathe a sigh of relief as you hear the key in the lock.
    -‘Oh honey, was it fun?’
Yeah, what would it be great when our kids can start celebrating life again without the pandemic restrictions, the lockdowns, the schools closed…..
Parent wish Happy teens preparing for exams in university campus

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