20 things hippies used to do and our adolescents are now frowning their eyebrows

20 things we used (hippie) to do and our adolescents are now frowning their eyebrows

Ah, the sixties, our hippie time! We have good memories of them and often share them with our adolescents. They, in turn, are surprised that a lot happened that they can’t imagine at all.

#1 Although you were fourteen or fifteen: you could order alcohol at the bar.

#2 After school you went to the pub, that was normal.

#3 Smoking in the schoolyard, no problem either. We are getting cigarettes: no problem at all.

Pretty free hippie girl smoking on the grass. Peace. Body painting. Outdoor in peace and free love. Top view – Vintage effect photo

#5 That beer was served at school parties. And that you could smoke at a school party.

#7 Teachers were standing in front of the classroom with a pipe or cigar in their heads when you entered the teachers’ room, blue with smoke.

#9 Going on vacation for three weeks and making one phone call from a payphone.

#10 Your life-line with friends was the soccer club.

#11 Gossiping was bypassing notes in the classroom

#12 Whoever went with whom stood on the toilet door.

#13 You didn’t dare leave the door because it could be that that boy could call you who gave you your phone number.

#14 Passing on your absence went with an (effortless to forge) note from your parents.

#15 Your report came on a card which your parents had to sign. That signature was also easy to forget.

#16 When you went shopping you paid by cheque, even if there was no money left in your account.

#17 Per school year, there may only be ten photos of yourself.

#18 Binge-watching was watching two episodes of North & South in a row. That’s all it took to fit one videotape.

#19 A tattoo was something for pirates, and a piercing was fierce if you pierced a second hole in your ear.

#20 You communicated with your parents through notes on the kitchen table. But just like our adolescents, you’d rather not.

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