2 Instructional videos for teens

thump nail for instruction video toilet rol

Instructional videos for teen How to change a toilet roll and turn off the lights

Will is the British father who so brilliantly explained to his teenagers how to change a toilet roll. Or for another significant annoyance in a household full of teenagers: the lights are always on everywhere.

instructional video toilet roll

1) How to change a toilet roll

It bothers the British father Will Reid immensely that his adolescents do not adequately hang up toilet paper. So he made this funny video in which he speaks to his teens with instructions on how to hang up the toilet paper. He says, “Since social media is the only way I can reach you, this instructional video for hanging a toilet roll.”

instructional video turn of the light

2) Solution for teens who always forget to turn off the lights

Our adolescent children may complain that we are so careless with nature, but they can also do something about it themselves. Everywhere – at least in our house – the lights are on as if they were in the shop window of a department store. Will advises the children to check that there is no one in the room before switching off the lights.


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